tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:/posts Cracking The Vault 2017-09-18T21:16:50Z Empire's Comics Vault Podcast tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1192116 2017-09-18T20:56:34Z 2017-09-18T21:16:50Z Episode 111 - Back to School Ask Me Anything

Four knerds, Tony, Patrick, Minnie, and Ryan, bring back our "Ask Me Anything Ramen Bowl," into which we've each tossed 3 questions!! SUCH SECRETS WILL BE REVEALED! 

p.s. If you missed our first Ask Me Anything episode, it's still out there for your listening pleasure, here.

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1187591 2017-08-30T17:05:07Z 2017-08-30T17:05:07Z Episode 110 - Ms. Marvel Book Club

Tony Asaro, Patrick Clarke, Ryan Miller, and A Super-Secret-Very-Special Guest Star break from our usual format, a bit, for a book club-type discussion of the first couple of volumes of G. Willow Wilson's & Adrian Alphona's Ms. Marvel and its titular protagonist: Jersey City's own, Kamala Khan!!

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1185745 2017-08-22T17:36:17Z 2017-08-23T22:46:55Z Episode 109 - The Veronica Fish Interview

"When I see Veronica Fish on a book, I always give it a read. I always have to check it out." - Tony Asara, Cracking The Vault Podcast

So, please, enjoy this replay of a Google Hangout interview with Veronica Fish, the talented artist whose work has included Archie, Slam, Spider-Woman, Pirates of Mars, The Unstoppable Was, and more. The interview was conducted by Ben Schwartz, owner of our host comic shop, Empire's Comics Vault, on January 10, 2017.

To kick it off, Tony shares some recent comic book picks.

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1179496 2017-08-01T22:40:55Z 2017-08-01T22:40:55Z Episode 108 - News from D23 and San Diego Comic-Con

Tony Asaro, Minnie Saucedo, Ryan Miller, and Patrick Clarke break down, recap, and react to all of the biggest teasers, trailers, and announcements that came out of the big end-of-July con season!! Special Note: Near the end of the episode, we also announce the winner of our 1st ever giveaway!

Photo credit: "D23 Expo 2011 - Mickey memorabilia - original title card," by: The Conmunity - Pop Culture Geek | Image cropped and color/light adjusted. (CC BY 4.0)

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1175947 2017-07-26T17:46:21Z 2017-07-26T17:46:21Z Episode 107 - Castle In The Sky Commentary Track - Happy Ghibli-versary

Patrick Clarke, Amy Nunag, Ryan Miller, Minnie Saucedo, and Tony Asaro, celebrate a very special "Ghibliversary" by cracking a few Sapporos & watching Studio Ghibli's first feature film, Laputa: Castle In The Sky!

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1175228 2017-07-19T21:24:58Z 2017-07-19T21:26:37Z Episode 106 - Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Review

Tony and Patty shower the most recent entry from the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- Spider-Man: Homecoming -- with much love and adoration. Spoilers are throughout the episode. You've been forewarned. Also, contest rules for our SacAnime ticket giveaway are detailed at the end of the episode!

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1173312 2017-07-14T00:30:35Z 2017-07-14T00:30:35Z Episode 105 - Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology

Tony Asaro, Patrick Clarke, and Ryan Miller discuss the newest offering from one of the world's master storytellers, Neil Gaiman! Picks & Pulls of The Week at the end, for the comics week of July 5th, as well as details on how to win two tickets to this Summer's SacAnime. 

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1168953 2017-06-29T21:30:06Z 2017-07-13T23:55:31Z Episode 104 - The 2016-2017 Comic Book TV Review

Patty & Tony discuss the comic-based network TV shows from the past year, including Preacher, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Legion, Powerless, Agents of SHIELD, Riverdale, The Walking Dead, Gotham, Lucifer, iZombie, Justice League Action, Outcast, & Vixen! Warning: This episode does contain some spoilers for the most recent seasons of Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Legion, Agents of SHIELD.

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1166382 2017-06-22T13:00:00Z 2017-06-22T13:00:02Z Episode 103 - Wonder Woman movie review

It wasn't long ago we celebrated the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman with a special episode. And now, finally, the first female led superhero movie is out, and here's our review.

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1165929 2017-06-20T22:13:17Z 2017-06-21T00:47:43Z Episode 102 - Sky High Commentary Track

Our crew and special guests sit down to lay down a commentary track on the best movie every about Superhero high school. We think you'll enjoy every minute, so queue up the movie and get ready to press "Play." 

p.s. as of this posting, Sky High is on Netflix. :)

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1163693 2017-06-13T23:31:52Z 2017-06-13T23:31:52Z Episode 101 - Free Comic Book Day 2017 Interviews

Tony interviews local talent who exhibited at Free Comic Book Day Festival 2017. FCBD Festival is Empire's Comics Vault's annual comic book celebration, featuring local comic book creators, writers, artists, food trucks, and community groups. This episode features the following individuals and groups:

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1161435 2017-06-07T07:41:38Z 2017-06-07T07:41:38Z Episode 100 - Comics Trivia All-Star Spectacular

Three teams of Empire's Comics Vault All-Stars ("Vaultstars"?) vie to see who, indeed, is worthy of the ultimate prize by competing in a few rounds of custom-crafted comic-book trivia, hosted by Tony Asaro.

Starring: Ben Schwartz, Alex Dress, & Patty, himself, as "Pooh Bear's Marauders". Amy Nunag, Minnie Saucedo, & Ryan Miller as "Grimm Winning Ghosts". & Heroic Girls' John Marcotte, joins Shaun Taylor & Sean Patrick Lawrence, both of Graphics & Growlers and also founders of the upcoming Sac Indie Expo, to comprise Team "G.G.G."!

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1159145 2017-05-31T08:38:23Z 2017-05-31T08:38:23Z Episode 99 - The Rick Remender Interview

Ben and Rick dig down deep and get to the root of comics and life and passion. Also, Tony shares his picks for the week. 

The Remender interview was previously recorded from a live broadcast via YouTube Live.

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1156746 2017-05-23T20:17:33Z 2017-05-23T20:17:34Z Episode 98 - Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 movie review

Tony Asaro, Patrick Clarke, Minnie Saucedo, and Amy Nunag opine on the titular, roguish, galaxy-saving super-team's second silver screen adventure!

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1154511 2017-05-16T18:40:16Z 2017-05-16T18:50:14Z Episode 97 - Celebrating 75 years of Wonder Woman

Tony Asaro, Patrick Clarke, and Erminia "Minnie" Saucedo celebrate all things Diana of Themyscira in honor of her 75th anniversary, and as an extra-special bonus, we hear remotely from a host of special guests, including:

  • Alison Poppy, Eric Manix, and Kelly Okler of Out of The Fridge podcast, as well as 
  • Katie Asaro and Spencer Wilson, plus 
  • Ben Schwartz, owner and operator of Empire's Comics Vault

They share what Wonder Woman means to them.

No Picks & Pulls of The Week this time around for this titan-sized episode, but, rest assured, it is overflowing with the most heartfelt and genuine of praise for our princess of the Amazons!

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1154331 2017-05-02T20:53:00Z 2017-05-16T02:04:02Z Episode 96 - Free Comic Book Day Festival 2017 Preview

Tony Asaro and Patrick Clarke open with suggestions for a few trade paperback and hardcover gems you might want to think about snagging at the FCBD sale, followed by a thorough run-down of the guests, the festivities, and the free comic books you will be able to find at Empire's Comics at this Saturday's FCBD Festival, capped, as usual, with our Picks & Pulls of The Week (for the comics week of May 3rd)!

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1149347 2017-04-25T22:17:54Z 2017-04-25T22:25:47Z Episode 95 - The Brian Michael Bendis Interview

We're pleased to share our recent Brian Michael Bendis interview with you as a podcast episode. The original BMB interview can be viewed at Empire's Comics Vault's YouTube channel. Ben and Bendis talk about past and current projects, the creative process, and comic book theft! 

After the interview we wrap up with our recommendations for the week, shared by Tony, Patrick, and returning guest Minnie Saucedo. 

Connect with BMB on his website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr. Find CTV Podcast on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1147501 2017-04-19T06:26:13Z 2017-04-19T06:26:13Z Episode 94 - Netflix Original: Marvel's Iron Fist Review

Patty and Tony chat about the Netflix Original: Marvel's Iron Fist! It's one of our favorite episodes. Enjoy. 

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1142202 2017-03-28T21:02:26Z 2017-03-28T21:02:26Z Episode 93 - Logan Movie Review

Tony Asaro, Patrick Clarke, and belated Amy Nunag, gush about Dafne Keen, Sir. Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, & co's, masterful turns in Fox's newest X-Family motion picture! This episode is rife with Logan spoilers! And also feels! Warned, you have been! Picks & Pulls of The Week (for the comics week of March 29th) at the end, as usual. #snikt - Tony

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1139385 2017-03-17T03:34:19Z 2017-03-21T20:18:12Z Episode 92 - Interview with Sacramento Comic Book Creator Kyrun Silva of Big Tree Comics

Tony sits down with local writer, artist, publisher Kyrun Silva, founder of Big Tree Comics, to chat about a great many things -- the most important of which is Kyrun's ongoing Kickstarter for Shaman's Destiny! Picks & Pulls of The Week (for the comics week of March 15th) are at the end of the episode, as usual.

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1136716 2017-03-07T21:54:27Z 2017-03-16T22:44:00Z Episode 91: Everything is cool when you're part of a team: A Lego Batman Review

Episode 91: Everything is cool when you're part of a team: A Lego Batman Review, in which we, Tony Asaro, Patrick Clarke, Amy Nunag, and our increasingly-frequent and much-beloved cohort Ryan Miller, review the newest cinematic release from DC Comics & Warner Brothers, The Lego Batman Movie! In a particularly-thematic opener, this time around, we each reveal our all-time Top 5 Batman Films and, of course, you can hear our Picks & Pulls of The Week (for the comics week of March 1st) at the end, as usual!

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1135040 2017-03-01T00:49:39Z 2017-03-01T00:49:39Z Episode 90 - 2016 Vaulty Award Winners -- Recognizing Excellence in Comic Books

Tony, Patty, Amy, and YOU, the listeners, pick the best in 2016's comics and comics-related media. And the winners are...

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1130522 2017-02-12T01:48:10Z 2017-02-12T01:48:10Z Episode 89 - Writer Ben Schwartz talks about Union St. Choir's Kickstarter campaign

Local writer/artist team, Ben Schwartz and Hainanu "Nooligan" Saulque recently launched their Kickstarter for their book Union St. Choir. We sit down with Ben to talk about it.

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1130518 2017-02-12T01:28:14Z 2017-02-12T01:28:14Z Episode 88 - Comic Book Resolutions for 2017

Tony, Patty, Amy, and Ryan talk about their personal comic-related resolutions, as well as what we're looking forward to in comics in 2017.

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1123743 2017-01-17T07:39:03Z 2017-01-20T08:55:33Z Episode 87 - Movie Review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Tony, Amy, and Patrick review Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Join them. And may the force be with you.

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1116822 2016-12-20T01:32:50Z 2016-12-20T01:32:50Z Episode 86 - 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Tony, Amy, and Patrick sit down to talk comic books that you might want to give this holiday season. And they break down the titles by age group in order to make your comic book giving as easy as possible. Please share your recommendations if you think there's something we missed -- add them to the comments or call and leave a message and we'll add it to our next episode:  +1 (916) 936-1613.

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1114320 2016-12-10T08:45:58Z 2016-12-10T08:45:58Z Episode 85 - Turkey Lurkey Doo and Ghoul School Interview

Thanksgiving may be over but our thankfulness is not. In this belated episode, we share what we're thankful for in comics. You'll hear from Ben, Amy, Tony, and Patrick. Then we wrap up with an interview of Sacramento band Ghoul School. See them play in the shop on December 16.

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1113793 2016-12-08T07:05:05Z 2016-12-09T20:33:45Z Episode 84 - Over The Garden Wall Commentary

EPISODE 84 is here!! This all-newest chapter of Empire's Comics Presents: Cracking The Vault​ finds us, Amy Nunag​, Patrick Clarke​, & Tony Asaro​, donning our pointiest dunce caps & most comfortable teapots, shaking our fists at our own personal Jason Funderburkers, & belatedly honoring Amy's birthday by providing a commentary track for Patrick McHale's Autumnal animated-musical masterpiece Over the Garden Wall​! So queue up your own copy, brew something warm & heap marshmallows atop it, & watch along with us!

And if you're new 'round here, please don't miss the Scott Pilgrim commentary and Dredd commentary episodes! Got some popcorn ready? Good. Enjoy.

Our Question of The Week for this episode is a new one! Birthday Girl's choice: If you were to live in any comic universe, which one would you pick? And of course stay tuned for our Picks & Pulls of The Week at the end, as usual!

[this show is courtesy of & recorded at Empire's Comics Vault​ (owned & operated by Ben Schwartz​), & produced by Ronnie Ledesma​]


- Due to some scheduling difficulties, we had to start recording a bit earlier than usual this day, so for the first 10 minutes or so of the episode there's some ambient shop-business-at-the-close-of-day noise going on in the background.

- Our Picks for this episode are for the comics week of November 16th. #AndThatsARockFact

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1109354 2016-11-19T19:57:49Z 2016-11-19T19:57:49Z Episode 83 - Reviewing Marvel's Doctor Strange

Tony and Patrick fall in love with Doctor Strange all over again -- or do they? Only the Eye of Agamotto knows. 

tag:podcast.empirescomics.com,2013:Post/1108198 2016-11-15T01:03:19Z 2016-11-15T03:14:36Z Episode 82 - Reviewing Netflix' Luke Cage Season 1

Tony and Patrick go all out in this season one review of Netflix' Luke Cage.