Episode 28 - The Author Chain: One comic book author leads to another

It's like dominoes. Or a comic book author chain gang. Well, maybe we'll let Tony explain -- and please note: Tony is not angry; he just really loves all caps: "WE EACH CHAT ABOUT WHERE EXACTLY WE STARTED WITH SOME OF OUR MOST FAVORITE CREATORS, ON WHICH BOOKS AND UNDER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES, AND WHERE THOSE WONDERFUL WALKABOUTS WOUND UP LEADING US." That being said, enjoy this episode that features Patrick Clarke at the guest-hosting reins and Tony and Amy pulling the sled! Onward Dancer and Prancer! Recorded on an iPad Mini 2 using Hindenburg's Field Recorder.

Episode 27 - Sell me on a comic book I'm not reading

The crew will try to sell you on books you're not reading, even though, maybe you are. Or did. Plus, the episode kicks off with Marvels new line-up and book teams that start in October or November 2015. Special temporary substitute host Tony Asaro fills in for Jake. Plus, all the Scoobies are here: Patrick, Amy, and Matt. Recorded 08.17.2015 on iPad 2 using Hindenburg Field Recorder. 

Episode 26 - First-time fancies follow Fantastic Four film flop

You guessed it. We forecasted the failure of the Fantastic Four film and proudly predict a possible re-possession by its parents, Marvel. That's followed by first fancies. Ooh la la. And crickets. Listen in as PGH Jake DeSersa leads a lively discussion with amiable alliteration ace Amy Nunag, Tony Asaro, and Matt Traverso. Recorded with Hindenburg's Field Recorder on Monday, August 10, 2015 at Empire's Comics Vault in Sacramento, CA.

Episode 23 - Ant-Man and Patty's New Birkes

The gang is at it again, bringing you news from Image Expo, a review of the new Ant-Man movie, and an exciting new purchase by Patrick! All that and more, as Special Permanent Guest Host Jake DeSersa returns with Amy Nunag, Tony Asaro, Patrick Clarke, and Matt Traverso, who, incidentally, co-produced this episode. This entire episode was recorded on Matt's iPhone 5S.

Episode 20 - Studio Ghibli Conversation - Part 1

Jacob DeSersa hosts all of Sacramento's Ghibli fans in one night! Ok, well, there were ten. The questions are simple: 1. Which was your first? 2. Which was your favorite? And the conversation goes from there. In this first part, Jake is joined by regular Tony Asaro. Special guests on this episode include Tony's sister, Katie Asaro, and husband and wife Beau and Sarah Straub, being the Sarah who is the talented Sacramento artist that you've likely met at one of Empire's Comics Vaults mini-cons.

Episode 19 - Secret Convergence Wars

Sure, sure, we start out talking about actors doing role research by reading comics, but then we get into Secret Wars and Convergence. Finally, we wrap it up with our favorite comic book genres and what we're looking forward to reading this week.

Tonight's podcast stars are, of course, permanent guest host Jacob DeSersa, regulars Patrick Clarke and Tony Asaro, and first time guest (and DC fan) Matt Traverso.