Episode 150 - Our Star-Studded Sesquicentennial Soiree

.. in which, to celebrate the landmark, we gather 'round once more with some of our favorite people for an evening of custom-baked comic-book-trivia, to see who is worthy enough to take home Mini-Mjölnir (& also a giant homemade cookie, thank you very much)!!

Emceed, Gamesmastered, & Written By Ryan Miller!

& starring our three teams of hopeful contestants:

* Tony Asaro & Alex Dres as "Peanuts & The Revolution"!

* Minnie Saucedo & Stephanie Groce as "The Mighty Bifrosty"!!

* Patrick Clarke & Amy Nunag as "The Rescue Rangers"!!!

* & our roving all-time quarterback Ben Schwartz as "The 3rd Wheel"!

A massive & wholly heartfelt thank you to everyone who celebrated our 150th episode with us, & to all of you out there who have listened to & supported the show, over the last three & a half years. It really means the world to us. Cheers!!

Episode 149 - Tipsy Tales of Comics Past

.. in which we try our hands at a "Drunk History"-type episode, with Ryan Miller as our wrangler, & Patrick Clarke (covering Crisis On Infinite Earths), Tony Asaro (covering Batman vs The Hulk), & Minnie Saucedo (covering Teen Titans: The Judas Contract), as our tellers of tipsy tales!! *[Spoiler Alert for all 3 of these comics!]*

Episode 148 - Back to School Ramen Bowl AMA 2018 Spectacular

.. in which we, Minnie Saucedo, Tony Asaro, & Patrick Clarke, resume our summer tradition of passing around the shop ramen bowl & answering the AMA challenges contained therein!!

Episode 147 - The Fastest Man Alive

.. in which we, Patrick Clarke, Ryan Miller, & Tony Asaro, belatedly celebrate Patty's birthday by discussing one of his favorite characters in the whole wide world: The Flash!!

[episode image drawn by The Francis Manapul, & owned by DC Entertainment]

Episode 146 - SDCC 2018 News Round-Up

.. in which we, Tony Asaro, Minnie Saucedo, Patrick Clarke, & Ryan Miller, offer up our tastiest takes on the tidal wave of trailers, news, announcements, & awards, that came from San Diego Comic Con 2018!!

[*Note: We recorded this episode on a blazing hot summer's eve, so there's some added background noise from the A/C. Apologies! But also we assure you it was an absolute necessity.*]

Episode 143 - When Your Ship Comes In

.. in which we, Tony Asaro, Ryan Miller, & Patrick Clarke, discuss shipping & confess to so many ships (!), in comics & elsewhere, in a conversation inspired by Batman #50!!

**This episode was recorded just prior to the release of Batman #50 & Catwoman #1, & does not contain spoilers for either of those books, however, there is spoiler-y discussion of X-Men Gold #30. You've been warned!**

[episode image from Batman: The Animated Series, owned by Warner Bros Entertainment]