Episode 146 - SDCC 2018 News Round-Up

.. in which we, Tony Asaro, Minnie Saucedo, Patrick Clarke, & Ryan Miller, offer up our tastiest takes on the tidal wave of trailers, news, announcements, & awards, that came from San Diego Comic Con 2018!!

[*Note: We recorded this episode on a blazing hot summer's eve, so there's some added background noise from the A/C. Apologies! But also we assure you it was an absolute necessity.*]

Episode 143 - When Your Ship Comes In

.. in which we, Tony Asaro, Ryan Miller, & Patrick Clarke, discuss shipping & confess to so many ships (!), in comics & elsewhere, in a conversation inspired by Batman #50!!

**This episode was recorded just prior to the release of Batman #50 & Catwoman #1, & does not contain spoilers for either of those books, however, there is spoiler-y discussion of X-Men Gold #30. You've been warned!**

[episode image from Batman: The Animated Series, owned by Warner Bros Entertainment]

Episode 139 - Free Comic Book Day 2018 Interviews

.. in which we're back, baby!! And more importantly, at long last, we air our cavalcade of creator interviews from Free Comic Book Day 2018 at Empire's Comics Vault! In this episode, you will hear from:

* [13:59] Kyrun Silva - TaurusComics.com

* [21:53] Kristine Balog - KristineBalog.com

* [30:31] Heather Lee Art - @HeatherLeeArtPhotography

* [36:42] Dan Bethel - LongJohnComic.com

* [50:13] Cory Patten - Plotless.com

* [59:18] Julie Okahara - JulieOkahara.com

* [1:06:52] Jared Konopitski - JaredKonopitski.com

* [1:13:43] Eben Burgoon - EbenBurgoon.com

* [1:30:17] Ghost Thunder Collective: ft. Christopher Alvarez, Hannah Moore, & David Andry - GhostThunder.com

* [1:35:33] Justin Orr - Jusscope.com

* [1:41:21] Bianca Kim - FreshBiscuits

* [1:45:41] Lee Nordling - www.amazon.com/Lee-Nordling

* [1:57:51] Daniel Tucan Starflower - @Birdgodz

* [2:01:56] HaiNaNu “Nooligan" Saulque - Nooligan.com

* [2:16:40] Jen Monson - JenuoneArt.com

Thank you to all of the exceptionally kind, gracious, & talented, creators who sat down with us for this episode, & thank you to Ben for putting on such a brilliant FCBD festival every year.

(episode image by the great Sergio Aragones)

Episode 138 - Avengers: Infinity War Review

.. in which we, Minnie Saucedo, Ryan Miller, Stephanie Groce, Patrick Clarke, & Tony Asaro, talk-out our deepest feels in regards to the 19th entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the record-breaking blockbuster that is Avengers: Infinity War!! **Warning: This is a spoiler-filled review. If you care about such things, please hold off on listening until after you've seen the film!**

Episode 137 - Free Comic Book Day 2018 Preview

.. in which we, Ryan Miller, & Tony Asaro, open with a flurry of comic-book-related news, & a few last-minute Infinity War predictions (recorded on opening night, prior to having seen the film), after which we talk about all of the guests, festivities, & sale details, that you can expect at Empire's Comics Vault for this Saturday's Free Comic Book Day/Cinco de Mayo, as well as our annual rundown/preview of the FCBD titles that will be available to you, for this years event!!