Episode 75 - Hot Bits and Hotter Bobs - Volume 2

It's Jake, Patty, Amy, & Tony, dishing out their piping hot takes on the rest of the Spring and early Summer comics news that they couldn't get to a few weeks ago, including DC's/Gerard Way's new Young Animal imprint, the revival of DC's Round-Robin Storytelling "Challenge" Series, all 20+ newly announced Image books from the most recent Image Expo, and more. Picks & Pulls of The Week at the end, as usual.

Episode 74 - Saga! Saga! Saga! The ultimate comic book

We're celebrating this week's release of the 6th volume of collected issues of the mighty comic book known as Saga. Jake, Patty, Amy, and Tony talk all things Saga -- spoilers on -- from way back when to current! Don't miss this exciting episode. We're on iTunes and Stitcher, so please rate our show. Thank you.

Episode 47 - The Vaulties 2015 Comic Book Awards

Welcome to The Vaulties! Our first annual comic book awards in which we pick the winners; "we" being, specifically, Jake, Amy, Patrick, and Tony. We select our top picks in 18 different categories, ranging from typical categories like Comic of the Year and Best New Ongoing to fun and outrageous categories like The WTF Moment of the Year and "The Flow My Tears Award for Saddest Moment in comics in 2015." If that isn't enough, we'll cover Best Cameo, Best Writer, Best Artist, Character with the Most Sex Appeal and a whole lot more. www.EmpiresComics.com