Episode 27 - Sell me on a comic book I'm not reading

The crew will try to sell you on books you're not reading, even though, maybe you are. Or did. Plus, the episode kicks off with Marvels new line-up and book teams that start in October or November 2015. Special temporary substitute host Tony Asaro fills in for Jake. Plus, all the Scoobies are here: Patrick, Amy, and Matt. Recorded 08.17.2015 on iPad 2 using Hindenburg Field Recorder. 

Episode 2 - Captain America Winter Soldier Pre-Movie Predictions

Listen to our Captain America: The Winter Soldier predictions. Hear our expectations. Get some background information before seeing the movie. Then go see the movie. Afterward come back for our post-movie episode. That's what we did. This episode has not spoilers, however the follow up episode will be full of spoilers. Our two guests are Patrick Clarke and JR Weinzetl. Empire's Comics Vault's podcast is recorded in the shop for the real comic shop vibe.