Episode 26 - First-time fancies follow Fantastic Four film flop

You guessed it. We forecasted the failure of the Fantastic Four film and proudly predict a possible re-possession by its parents, Marvel. That's followed by first fancies. Ooh la la. And crickets. Listen in as PGH Jake DeSersa leads a lively discussion with amiable alliteration ace Amy Nunag, Tony Asaro, and Matt Traverso. Recorded with Hindenburg's Field Recorder on Monday, August 10, 2015 at Empire's Comics Vault in Sacramento, CA.

Episode 2 - Captain America Winter Soldier Pre-Movie Predictions

Listen to our Captain America: The Winter Soldier predictions. Hear our expectations. Get some background information before seeing the movie. Then go see the movie. Afterward come back for our post-movie episode. That's what we did. This episode has not spoilers, however the follow up episode will be full of spoilers. Our two guests are Patrick Clarke and JR Weinzetl. Empire's Comics Vault's podcast is recorded in the shop for the real comic shop vibe.

Episode 1 - Guardians of the Galaxy Excitement

Jake DeSersa of Con Nachos Podcast and Kris Saldana of Wee Little Monsters join Ben to talk about comic book movies -- Guardians of the Galaxy, Wonder Woman, the original Batman movie franchise, and more. Finally, at the end, the share what they're reading in comics. www.EmpiresComics.com