Episode 75 - Hot Bits and Hotter Bobs - Volume 2

It's Jake, Patty, Amy, & Tony, dishing out their piping hot takes on the rest of the Spring and early Summer comics news that they couldn't get to a few weeks ago, including DC's/Gerard Way's new Young Animal imprint, the revival of DC's Round-Robin Storytelling "Challenge" Series, all 20+ newly announced Image books from the most recent Image Expo, and more. Picks & Pulls of The Week at the end, as usual.

Episode 72 - Hot Bits And Hotter Bobs

Tony, Patty, and Amy talk about all sorts of comics news from the last couple of months including Mike Mignola's retirement, the cancellation of Agent Carter, the recent slate of DC animated films, Geoff Johns' appointment as the Grand Poobah of DC/WB films, how Civil War II's coming along, how Rebirth is going, how the Preacher and Outcast shows have been, and much more.

Episode 71 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs The Capeless Crusaders

Episode 71's description was guest-written by Thomas Petborisooth, one of our guests from The Capeless Crusaders podcast who "appear" in this episode: "In case y'all forgot comic books and their characters are a huge part of our cutlure and have been for the last 80 years... Cracking The Vault and The Capeless Crusaders came together to talk about some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to debate who is the best." Join Jake, Amy, Patrick, and Tony as they battle it out, and guest podcasters, The Capeless Crusaders, who render a decision. The Capeless Crusaders are Anthony Esteves, David Barrie, Justin Piper, and Tom Petborisooth.