Episode 150 - Our Star-Studded Sesquicentennial Soiree

.. in which, to celebrate the landmark, we gather 'round once more with some of our favorite people for an evening of custom-baked comic-book-trivia, to see who is worthy enough to take home Mini-Mjölnir (& also a giant homemade cookie, thank you very much)!!

Emceed, Gamesmastered, & Written By Ryan Miller!

& starring our three teams of hopeful contestants:

* Tony Asaro & Alex Dres as "Peanuts & The Revolution"!

* Minnie Saucedo & Stephanie Groce as "The Mighty Bifrosty"!!

* Patrick Clarke & Amy Nunag as "The Rescue Rangers"!!!

* & our roving all-time quarterback Ben Schwartz as "The 3rd Wheel"!

A massive & wholly heartfelt thank you to everyone who celebrated our 150th episode with us, & to all of you out there who have listened to & supported the show, over the last three & a half years. It really means the world to us. Cheers!!