Episode 173 - Horrified

.. in which we, Ryan Miller, Patrick Clarke, & Tony Asaro, celebrate Ryan's birthday in a town beset by evil, trying to fend-off the fury of Dracula, The Wolf Man, & The Mummy, in a round of Prospero Hall's Universal Monster-mash cooperative board game Horrified, out of Ravensburger Games!!

[Note: This episode is a tad noisy! 'Cause that's what happens when you put a mic on a table & then play a board game on that same table! Mistakes were made, lol. Regardless, we hope you enjoy the episode, because we had an absolute blast making it. Cheers.]

Episode 172 - New Years Comics Resolutions 2020

.. in which we, Patrick Clarke, Tony Asaro, & Ryan Miller, indulge in one of our longest-running annual traditions & take a look at how we did on our comics-related resolutions from 2019, before then making a whole batch of spectacularly-ill-advised new resolutions for 2020!!

[image from My Hero Academia by Bones/Funimation, created by Kōhei Horikoshi]

Episode 171 - The HoX & PoX of It All

.. in which we, Ryan Miller, Patrick Clarke, & Tony Asaro, try our level best to wrangle, explain, & discuss, our feelings about the biggest comic event of 2019: Marvel's 12-part, showstopping, X-Men miniseries, House of X & Powers of X, by Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia, R.B. Silva, & Adriano Di Benedetto!!

[Note: We recorded this episode in November, just as the first wave of Dawn of X was debuting. Much has happened in those books in the meantime, & there have also been a great many exciting developments with Tony's flowerbed full of Krakoa Seeds. We will update you on these matters with all due haste.]

Vote For The 2019 Vaulty Awards Right Here!!

Hullo hullo, listeners & comic lovers, all!! Once more, the Vaulty Awards for excellence in comics, Sacramento, California's, longest running & most prestigious comic book awards event, are open for business! You can vote for the Listener's Choice portion of our 5th annual Vaultys in-person at Empire's Comics Vault, or you can vote online, right here, at the handy-dandy linkbelow.

Voting will be open 'till the end of January, & the results will be revealed on the awards show, in February. Please share this with everyone you know who reads comics & might like to vote; we would love to hear what your favorite comics, characters, & creators, of 2019 were, & the more input we get, the better!!


Episode 170 - The Year Was 1979

.. in which we, Tony Asaro, Patrick Clarke, & Ryan Miller, travel all the way back to The Bronze Age of Comics in honor of Tony's birthday, & rap about what was on the spinner rack in 1979!!

(featuring reviews of Ghost Rider, Elfquest, & the original Marvel-era Star Wars comics)

Episode 169 - The Long-Lost Superman Ep

.. in which we, Tony Asaro, Patrick Clarke, & Minnie Saucedo, (with additional contributions from Ryan Miller, & Ben Schwartz), helped celebrate Tony's birthday way back in September of 2018 by talking-out all our feels concerning The Big Blue Boyscout, himself, Clark Kent.

*** This one sat buried in The Vault for an embarrassing length of time, which was unplanned & unintentional, & we're thrilled to finally put it out there, into the world. Thank you for sticking with us, thank you -as always- for listening, we hope you enjoy hearing this as much as we enjoyed making it, & we hope each & every one of you is having a warm & wonderful winter holiday season. Lastly but most importantly, a big thank you to Minnie for being such a vital part of our show for so many episodes. We remain deeply grateful to her, for her incalculable contributions to Cracking The Vault during her time with us. ***

[cover image from Action Comics (vol 2) #37, drawn by the incomparable Darwyn Cooke]